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Another Injustice Against Women: Please Pass Along

Via Noorjahan Akbar on facebook:

Media friends, if possible please contact me. We need some advocacy on this asap. Lets use media as a force of pressure against people who violate humanity. Thank you!

Another Injustice towards Women: call for advocacy and assistance

From: Young Women for Change

Juzjan province is among the relatively safe areas of Afghanistan. Governmental offices are active in all its districts. The governor is a young man who is familiar with local languages and claims to serve the country and defend the people’s rights. Unfortunately, people are unhappy with the way services are provided, therefore everyday there are sparks of insecurity and disorder in several areas. It’s easy to blame insurgents and enemies of Afghanistan for the illegal incidents, but the question remains that why aren’t the people who have experienced war and misfortune recruited to the process of peace and reconstruction? How are the enemies able to influence the people? To answer these questions there are several cases of oppression, lack of collaboration and corruption. A recent incident in Khanaqa district of Juzjan province is an example of corruption and neglect towards an unbelievable violation of human rights.

On night in March of 2011, in Sarbande Chakush village of Khanaqa district, a group of armed men, headed by Haji Daadullah, one of the well-known and powerful men of the village attacked a house and kidnapped an approximately fourteen year old girl named Aziza. The girl’s family was warned that if someone dares to report the kidnapping, they will have to pay back. After about twenty days, local security forces become aware of the incident and investigate the girl’s family. Mohammad Qul, Aziza’s father, uses the investigation as an opportunity to officially file a complaint. This causes the security forces to bring Haji Daadullah and others involved in the kidnapping to police.

During the investigations, the kidnappers say that another village girl named Rajab Gul was married to Abdul Rahman, but on the wedding night Abdul Rahman accuses the girl of being a non-virgin. Immediately after that Haji Daadullah holds a decision-making meeting without reporting the accusation or the case to the judicial clinic or the police.  During the meeting, based on previous family conflicts, Haji Daadullah decides that Rajab Gul has lost her virginity to a young man named Shah Nazar. Therefore, Haji Daadullah and many of his armed men

A bad omen lands in the garden

A bad omen lands in the garden

Border war

What happened on Jalalabad Road today?

Someone mentioned to me a few days ago about being seasoned veterans. The first thing that popped into my head was a large crock pot full of my platoon being topped with clove and other spices. It is certainly warm enough here to feel like a crock pot, and baby wipes can only keep you from being ripe for so long.
As the fighters begged forgiveness, Ferozuddin marched up to the first one and shot him in the left knee. One by one he kneecapped the others.
A ‘postcard from Hell,’ designed by Afghan blogger Hadi Zaher for the 10th anniversary of the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues by the Taliban.

A ‘postcard from Hell,’ designed by Afghan blogger Hadi Zaher for the 10th anniversary of the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues by the Taliban.